Trend to Try: Shorts & Tights

Opaques & shorts is the latest Autumn/Winter statement look. Street style chic at its finest. And no one has mastered this trend better than Olivia Palermo… Effortless and just damn cool! What I love about this look is the ability to mix into your everyday no matter what your style. In my attempt to ‘shop my own wardrobe’ for the next couple of weeks I think this look is an easy way to try out something new with something I already own and love…

Here are my two options for the looks I love:

Mix military & denim to create a level of street-cred and the perfect casual weekend look for a spot of shopping.

Olivia Palermo Weekend Short Style

Olivia Palermo Weekend Short Style. Photo via Instagram.

Or try corporate casual in a pair of structured shorts, statement blazer and sky-high pumps, for a polished work wear look.

Olivia Palermo Corporate Shorts and Tights Chic

Olivia Palermo Corporate Shorts and Tights Chic. Photo via Instagram

Although, it is officially winter the chill has not quite set in for us Sydney-siders which makes this a perfect opportunity to road-test this trend. I am super keen to try my luck on a Saturday morning on the way to coffee and to stroll through the local markets or for a touch of street side shopping.

Stay posted kids to see me rocking this look very soon.

SS x

I’m back… to rediscover the wardrobe I own!

So it has been a while since I last posted… and for that I do apologize. However, I needed a mini-break because the more I post the more I spend and my bank balance has been taking a mega hit! For me, I have discovered there seems to be a direct relationship between the number of posts I publish and the lack of funds in my account. Blogging about style and clothes means that I am continually trawling for trends and the latest items I ‘need’ in my wardrobe to update my look for the new season… which ultimately leads to spending as I can usually find approximately ten things I could purchase. Right now!

So for the next couple of weeks my plan is to ‘shop my wardrobe’. Rediscover pieces that I have loved and forgotten, shoved into the back of my wardrobe never to see the light of day. But also, show how easy it is to style your basics… which if I am quite honest is the majority of my wardrobe. I vow for the next 3 weeks (it may not seem like a long time for some but for me it will be a challenge) I will not buy a new piece of clothing or accessory, shoe or handbag… And each week I will update you on the pieces that I have loved and lost in the material madness that is my closet.

I am looking forward to trying to be a little more frugal with my fashion this month and promise to share if I can actually deliver on my vow. I would love for you to share your frugal fashion tips, that may help keep me on the straight and narrow… anything will help.

Wish me luck…

SS x

Style Obsession: The Tulle Skirt

The latest obsession has found fashion bloggers everywhere raiding their 5 year old nieces wardrobe or the local bridal exchange co-op for the latest in ‘now’ piece: the Tulle Skirt. I am no different, I am absolutely in love with this statement look. Although I wasn’t a girlie-girl in my youth, preferring trucks over tulle, I am embracing feminine and fabulous in my twenties.


Full Tulle Skirt and a basic grey tee. Photo via: Instagram

Inspired by the infamous Carrie Bradshaw, known for pushing boundaries and sporting looks that I could only ever dream to wear. One of the most well known outfits in the entire Sex and the City series mainly due to it appearing in the opening credits of the show.


Love Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Tulle Skirt

However years later in the Sex and the City movie, Carrie and the girls allow us a glimpse down fashion-memory lane via Carrie’s wardrobe and all agree the tulle skirt is the piece to ‘TAKE’. Even though the show that taught so many girls, like myself, to love and experiment with fashion that moment has been cemented in fashionistas everywhere that one day we will be able to rock a Tulle skirt ‘almost’ as well as Carrie. Well that was the dream anyway…


Black Tulle and opaque tights. Photo via: Instagram

Fast-forward 10 years and here I am, trawling eBay trying to track down the perfect Tulle skirt to add to my ever expanding list of wardrobe essentials. Any assistance will be welcomed with open arms… I am not afraid to ask a fellow fashion-lover to ‘hook a sister up!’


The perfect combination of tough and feminine. Photo via: Instagram

For me the Tulle skirt is to be paired with simple pieces and let the skirt itself do its job and just wow people! I am becoming slightly more feminine as I get older but I still love a touch of tough or tomboy. This means think tucked in chambray shirts (another wardrobe essential that won’t be going anywhere soon), black leather jackets or track-top style material (sounds crazy but trust me… It works).


Tulle with Marle Grey Jumper – Girlie and Cool. Photo via: Instagram

Feminine and flirtatious, the Tulle Skirt allows you to tap into your inner child, or bride-to-be, in a way that will make you want to wear it almost everyday. This look is a definite show stopper!

SS x

We love: Slogan Tees

If you think you have got something worth saying? It’s time to put it on a t-shirt.


We love: Slogan Tee. Photo via The Iconic

The slogan-print tee is the latest and greatest way to express yourself. Over the past few weeks, I have started to acquire slogan tees at an absurd rate, in every kind of style and with expressions that sometimes don’t make any sense. But by simply adding a touch of text to the front of your tee, you’re instantly on trend for this season. My love of the slogan tee stems from the fact that it creates a carefree attitude; working with almost any outfit, from the beach to the bar, to make a statement.

Whether you prefer your labels to do the talking, or to be a little cheeky or bold there is something for everyone. Here are a couple of my favourites from my wardrobe and how to add to this seasons look.

The Confidence Boost Tee – Witchery


Tres Chic – Witchery

Fill in the blanks – I _ _ _ _ You


ASOS I _ _ _ _ You Tee

Cheeky brand plays – Celine Me Alone


Celine Me Alone; Hello Parry

Sharing my love of food – Je t’aime crossiant


Je T’aime Croissant – The Iconic

Classic band tee – One Teaspoon


One Teaspoon Band Tee – Led Bloody Zeppelin

So make a statement and tell everyone what you are feeling… By wearing on your t-shirt!

SS x

Style Crush & Fashion Chameleon: Ashley Madekwe!

I love a celebrity who can effortlessly mix the high-end pieces us mere-mortals crave with the everyday accessible labels that makes up 90% of my wardrobe. Ashley Madekwe is effortlessly stylish and the perfect all price dresser. Ashley is best known for her role as social climber Ashley Davenport on the hit TV show Revenge. But unbeknownst to many, me included until recently, in addition to her acting career Ashley also runs her own successful fashion website ring my bell. If you have even wanted a glimpse into a celebs wardrobe nows your chance… Ring my Bell features Ashley’s real everyday looks alongside exact match buys or similar pieces available to purchase enabling you to recreate her celeb-worthy look.

Ashley’s style, embodies everything I crave; the perfect combination of comfort and style. The mix of luxe fabrics paired with basics, worn with either a sneakers or an amazing pair of heels (or both – on different days of course) minimal accessories and a whole lot of class. Girl-crush much? I also consider Ashley to be a style chameleon; one day she is in grungy Dr Martens to the next where she’s seen in a pale pink pencil skirt, there is no trend she won’t try and no trend she can’t pull off.

Here are a few of my favourite looks of Ashley’s and what I wish I owned…(I had to cull a lot to get to this list as there are too many to choose from)…

Touch of Tartan

Tartan is a trend that I am predicting to make a big come back next winter. But the ability to work it into your wardrobe is a skill and must be done with a little care. The pieces you choose must be classic and well chosen or you run the risk of looking like a school girl… Not ideal at 28! Ashley is a lover of tartan weaving it into her look with statement skirts or coats, ensuring the rest of the outfit remains minimal for a perfectly polished look.


Matching Short-Suit

The two-piece shorts suit takes a whole lot of confidence, wearing one in tomato red is fashion-forward at its best. Ashley embraces strong silhouettes in striking hues perfect for her skin tone, creating an outfit that definitely packs a punch. I really love this outfit for summer; it’s structured and oh so now. Witchery can help you recreate this look with an almost-perfect match it buy in stores now. Available here.


Boyfriend Denim

Ashley gives me the confidence to wear my distressed boyfriend denims with heels, who can really go passed a look so chic and ultimately comfortable. Although these denims are definitely not a favourite of the boyfriends they are definitely a favourite of mine… And let’s be honest girls dress for other girls most of the time!


Statement Accessories

Nothing says style more than well chosen accessories. With a minimalist approach and a clean look, Ashley lets her accessories do the talking; with Moroccan style prints (my favourite) or oversized bling, this girl can do no wrong.


Follow @smashleybell on Instagram or check out her blog, for an insight into her enviable wardrobe and stylish looks.

If you have Style Crush whose wardrobe is worth stealing would love you to share with me?

SS x

Book Review; The new romantic comedy

I must admit I have actually enjoyed the recent miserable weather we have experienced over the last couple of days. It has given me an excuse to stay indoors and catch up on some reading. As an avid reader, I find that people love to recommend me books on every genre and quality, so I constantly feel as though need to ‘catch up’ on my reading. Even though realistically I don’t think that is possible, because each day and week I discover a new book that I must read. I am just a person with a big pile of books on her bed side table.

So, I was ill prepared for the book at the top of that pile, an unconventional romantic comedy, Graeme Simsion’s The Rosie Project was a novel I could not put down. Rarely do I find male protagonist like Don Tillman, uncomfortable and heartwarmingly cringeworthy. He reminded me of Sheldon from TV show The Big Bang Theory, as he applies his analytical thinking and research background in genetics to find a wife, resulting in the most comical approach.

Love according to Sheldon Cooper

Enter Rosie, the polar opposite of Don encapsulating everything that he deems to be an undesirable characteristic of the future Mrs Tillman; smoker, vegetarian (excluding sustainable seafood) and not at all athletic. Meanwhile, Rosie is on a project of her own, to find her biological father, through a relationship of coincidences Don is able to bend his ethics, against his better judgement and for reasons unknown to him to assist Rosie on her quest.

With no understanding of social cues and an inability to decipher basic female seduction techniques, (note to any gentlemen readers – a girl asks if you think she is sexy, and you think she is, say yes) he begins to realise love has no method or reason.

A must read for summer, light and fun to throw in your beach bag and read on the sand, the perfect holiday novel or simply for a rainy day. So put it on your book list and you won’t be disappointed with this delightful read inspiring the inner romantic inside all of us.

SS x

Soul searching: Shoes for Spring/Summer Season

Shoes shoes shoes! I never feel as though I have enough pairs… even though my wardrobe is over-flowing! Shoes can make an outfit; a rockin’ pair of shoes can instantly take an outfit from ordinary to chic; be it animal print slippers worn with leather pants or a set a black pumps with a studded heel worn with a little black dress.

Here are a couple of my must have shoes for this Spring/Summer season:

The perfect Ankle Boot is a no-brainer for a too-cool-for-school summer festival vibe; worn with a pair of cut-offs or a floral mini. The ankle boot is my pick with; studs or cut outs, laces or buckled detail, the ankle boot is my safety shoe.


Wittner Studded Ankle Boots

The Single-Strap Stiletto, or in my case a wedge, is a closet essential for all, in versatile black or to help add a pop of colour. Sophisticated yet sexy, the single strap stiletto is one of my most recent purchases that I just won’t take off, worn with a pair of distressed denims for day or cocktail dress for after dark.


Single Strap Stiletto for all occasions

Animal Print; truthfully every girl needs to have some animal print in her cupboard; a clutch, a cuff, a scarf, for me it is a pair of heels. The animal print heel is a bit of a tricky trend, don’t go too high and look for good quality materials, which means you may end up spending a little bit more. But it is definitely worth it to prevent this look from being ‘cheap’.


Shoes to make a statement

Espadrilles are this season’s hottest trend; originating in Spain this comfortable and versatile shoe is making an impact this season for being just downright cool. In canvas, cotton or a little bit of leather, these are a must buy for Spring/Summer.

Killer Sandals; summer is just around the corner so hit the beauty parlor ladies and spoil yourself with a mani-pedi to ensure your feet always look fabulous in a pair of this seasons summer essential. In metallic or tan, you will see me rocking these both beach and bar side!


My love of leopard extends into flats too.

Of course, Sneakers need to come into the equation here, as they are my go-to shoe. Whenever I don’t know what shoes to wear it is the thing I am pulling out of the cupboard as it is versatile, comfy and looks effortless cool.


Style in Sneakers

The only problem now is where to store them all…

SS x