We love: Monochrome – One colour fits all

The latest trends have landed for the new season ahead. Currently, stores are filling their clothing racks with the newest must-have; Monochrome. Black and white is an elegant and classic look, a failsafe for every occasion.

Don’t get me wrong I love incorporating colour, florals and prints into my outfits, but every once in a while I crave an effortlessly chic outfit and Monochrome is where is it at. The number one reason I love this trend is because it is so easy. For me monochrome is a trend with longevity, meaning that you probably have an assortment of pieces in your wardrobe already, providing plenty of opportunities to ‘shop’ from items that you already own. This means that even when it is not flagged as a ‘seasonal-must’ you can it wear anyway. Although, I would never discourage you from hitting the shops…

Here are a couple of my favourite ways to inject monochrome into wardrobe this season:

Block Colour

For minimalists, everywhere monochrome hits the spot; with white-on-white and black-on-black, are an instant winner in the wardrobe department.


Monochrome Style; Block colours my way

This summer, white-on-white, provides a fresh and clean look, incorporating neutrals to create the perfect day look or a ‘slightly’ off white knit for those casual cool summers nights. But if you consider black and white not enough and you need something more, this trend easily lends itself to add a pop of colour through a statement shoe or clutch.

Alexis Bledel - Monochrome Classic. Photo Via: The Posh Life

Alexis Bledel – Monochrome Classic. Photo Via: The Posh Life

Classic Accessories

Monochrome accessories are an easy and affordable way to update your wardrobe. They will never go out of style and be a great investment and most likely match alongside pieces you already own; think big cat-eye sunglasses or a chic clutch in black, white or ebony. Make a statement by contrasting monochrome accessories alongside a bold print.


Monochrome Accessories. Clockwise from top left; Quay Eyewear, Seed Heritage Zebra Crossing Scarf, Summer Fedora and Portmans White Punched Tote

Stripes and spots

Create a bold look through monochrome prints. The black and white spot print is my new favourite trend for this spring, present in my latest purchase; Witchery’s Animal Print Pants, which have become an instant wardrobe favourite. Paired with a basic black or white tee and bejeweled flats for day or my sky high strappy heels and a statement clutch for an evening with my ladies.


Love my Black and White Spotty Witchery Pants – Super Comfy

For those not bold enough to brave the animal print pants, a monochrome heel or clutch works just as well, ensuring you are on trend for this season.

Whatever your fashion personality monochrome is the easiest trend to tackle, which can be interpreted in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

SS x

Pretty in Pink #brightpinklipstickday

My beauty routine is quite simple; to be honest it is almost non-existent. Like in fashion, I tend to be low maintenance and my day-to-day appearance focuses on the ‘barely-there’ makeup look. Not to brag, but I must admit I am grateful for my blemish free skin that allows me to be au-naturale and maintain my daily minimal make up look. My daily look is made up of a base coat of foundation, a flick of rose pink blush, liquid liner, a touch of mascara and a smear of gloss. But a bright lip is creeping its way into my daily routine. It is amazing how a little lipstick care brighten up my day.


Pink on Pink! #brightpinklipstickday

Pink Hope, in association with Revlon launched Bright Pink Lipstick Day in 2012 in the hope of raising awareness for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in Australia. This Friday, September 20, is helping bring positivity to every woman’s day, through women cracking open that bright pink lippy for a cause. So you will see me this Friday, wearing my brightest shade of pink lippie and sharing, what I like to call the ‘un-selfie’ (the ‘selfie’ for a cause) alongside the hashtag #brightpinklipstickday #PinkHopeAus #Revlon.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a pink lipstick, Revlon have released a limited-edition Pink Hope Super Lustrous Lipstick, $21.95 available at Priceline, Target and selected pharmacies, it is a great opportunity to purchase a must have and to show your support for Pink Hope’s great cause.

Visit www.pinkhope.org.au for more information about how you can get involved.

SS x

Sunday & Monday Reading Session; Sister and Tampa

A lazy day and some miserable Sydney weather, has lead me to enjoy some quality time by myself with a couple of good books. After an early run and a stroll up the street to collect my coffee on Sunday morning, I found my comfy spot on the couch and didn’t plan on leaving for the rest of the day. Finishing two books over two days, for me is quite an achievement, as I usually tend to always be out during the day and come home to zone out/fall asleep in front of the TV of a night time.


Me, my couch and some good books

My first novel was Sister by Rosamund Lupton, which can only be described as when crime meets literature. The blurb on the back of my book threw me a little, but post reading and after further investigation I found that the blurb was changed to one that more accurately represents the plot. Beatrice returns home to London, after a call from her mother to tell her that her carefree sister, Tess is missing. But when Tess is found dead Bee is convinced she was murdered, despite the surrounding circumstances that lead the police and family to believe Tess committed suicide. Bee moves into Tess’ apartment to go in search of the killer that took her sister from her.

Sunday Reading - Book 1. Photo via

Sunday Reading – Book 1. Photo via Hachette Australia

For me this was a slow starter, having picked this novel up over two weeks ago I was reading at a snail’s pace. Usually the psychological thriller is right up my alley, being my guilty pleasure novel of choice, but if you can hold on until you are five or six chapters in, the intrigue will make you want to finish. I was only a third of the way through when I re-started on Sunday and I think that forcing myself to sit down with no surrounding distractions made me give Sister the attention it deserved.

My second novel, was Tampa by Alissa Nutting. You may remember me talking about this novel, a couple of months previously I was caught up in the excessive media hype that Nutting had received and was unsure as to whether or not I would read it. The novel had been described in the media as controversial and explicit, being banned from several bookstores across Australia.

This weekend I decided to give it a try, thinking that if I walked away from this novel now I would never pick it up. But truthfully from the first page I was hooked. Although its subject is taboo and disturbing, it is so well written Nutting hooks you in from the very first page.

Contorversial Book Cover - Tampa By Alissa Nutting

Controversial Book Cover – Tampa By Alissa Nutting

Celeste, although a clear sociopath, is an incredibly well developed character. The way that Nutting describes her and her every action is well thought out and planned that it sometimes makes it hard to believe this is a work of fiction. Nutting offers an exploration into the psyche of a female predator, as we see Celeste manipulate those around her and prey on the innocence of young Jack. The ability to portray the mindset of Celeste as a remorseless sexual predator is quite astonishing. We, as the reader, get to observe the inner thoughts of Celeste, as her every outward expression is meticulously planned to help her achieve her ultimate desire (a fourteen year old boy); from the husband who veils her true self to her career as a teacher that provides her with unlimited access.

I finally finished Tampa on Monday night in bed as the rain pounded down outside, the perfect night in to read. Not really having a suitable cover for the daily commute, I was busting all day to go home and continue reading and with only 70 pages to go I knew I would be finishing it tonight. I am quite embarrassed so say, but I loved this book, I am not sure if it because it delves into a topic that is not openly discussed or written about, or because the characters, Celeste in particular, are so well developed that I found it quite hard to put down.

I understand that Tampa is definitely not for everyone, I would never recommend to my grandmother or mother despite both of them being quite open-minded, as it is extremely confronting but I would recommend it for those of you are looking for a challenge and something very different.

I would love to hear any book recommendations, as I am always on the hunt for something new.

SS x

We love; Online Shopping

There is almost nothing you can’t buy online, from fashion to home wares, groceries to gifts, all sent straight to your door. The convenience of shopping can end up getting me into some serious trouble, with The Iconic’s express shipping within 3 hours, means my purchases arrive in time for the weekend or a desperate binge that I need in my hand now can pretty much be achieved. My online shopping style is something I like to call ‘a web grazer’, all day long a will constantly add and add, more and more pieces to my carts, across multiple sites, before taking a short break, only to click back an hour or so later to decide exactly how much money I really want to part with that day. From there I narrow my purchases down or store for another day, secretly hoping they will go on sale.

The only negative for me, is my tendency to shop online at very strange hours of the day; more often than not I am either procrastinating or bored. My favourite time to online shop:

The Mid-day Cash Splash

When productivity and motivation levels are low, I tend to hit the web for a quick pick-me up. It never needs to be a huge spending spree, just 10 minutes or so to help clear my head and not think about work. Today my credit card has received three mildly strenuous workouts, as a add new pieces to my ever-expanding wardrobe.

Today's Purchases; Witchery Tres Chic Tee

Purchase 1; Witchery Text Tee

The Late Night Binge

Usually whilst I am laying on the couch, half paying attention to the TV in the background, as I jump between fashion blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and my favourite fashion sites to see what is new and on trend. This is the most dangerous after a wine or two. Embarrassingly I have had a couple of surprise items arrive on my doorstep

But shopping at strange hours leads me to what I love most about buying online….

The Parcels

A spending spree late on a Sunday night before the big week of work, means when Monday comes I have a week full of shiny new parcels and packages to look forward too. Like little gifts to myself each day. I am renowned at work for receiving weekly packages from my latest online binge.

Purchase 3; Tony Bianco Wedges

Purchase 3; Tony Bianco Wedges

It is at times like these that my partner is grateful for separate credit cards and bank accounts; he just shakes his head at me as I try to explain away my purchases.

SS x

Fashion by Numbers; Varsity

Sporty luxe is back for this upcoming spring/summer but with an American College twist. The varsity vibe is the new spin on last seasons sporty trend which has been inspired by the classic American college football and baseball uniforms. More extreme than the traditional sporty luxe which has slowly evolved over the last season. If you are ever going to try this trend nows the time as it is more accessible and affordable than ever.

Block number tees are one of the most affordable ways to inject this trend into your wardrobe. CottonOn, ASOS and TopShop have their shelves stocked with tees in a range of colours and styles for under $50. Worn alongside a pair of ripped boyfriend or super skinny jeans and with a pair of sneakers to complete your weekend look. Here’s my favourites varsity look:


My (toned-down) Varsity Style

When channeling this look, think black, white and a splash of your favourite bold sports team colour, red, green or blue, oversized tees with block numbers or two-tone baseball style tops. For those that are younger at heart; backpacks and beanies can create a look with an edge.

Varsity is weekend casual at its best, definitely a trend to try this weekend.

SS x