Style Crush and Cut-off Queen; Elle Ferguson

My latest style crush is Elle Ferguson. Elle, alongside her best friend Tash Sefton, is one half of the Fashion Blogger duo of They All Hate Us. Both Elle and Tash have an eye for what’s wearable in an everyday scenario, creating outfits that I immediately want to replicate. With every blog post or Instagram pic they are readily fueling my purchasing addiction a little too easily… it’s getting dangerous.

As regular contributors to Witchery’s blog The W Edit and Vogue Australia, there are more places than ever to find outfits to inspire your inner fashion stylist.

Elle’s style is one I aspire towards; while her look appears effortless and comfortable, it is pulled together in a way that I love. Here are a few of my favourite trends and outfits stolen straight from the style icon herself; Elle Ferguson.

Denim Cut-Offs

Elle is a self-confessed denim ‘cut-off’ lover. With over 100 pairs and counting, Elle has a pair for every occasion. Elle has the ability to style a traditional beach-side favourite to a street essential; heels, sneakers, blazers and silk shirts, Elle proves that denim cut-offs are a must for every wardrobe.


Denim Cut-off Love. Photo via: Elle Ferguson

Breton Stripe

You are all aware of my own personal obsession with stripes but Elle fuels my love even further, too many choices.


Stripes, stripes, stripes. Photo via: Elle Ferguson

Chambray Shirt

The chambray shirt is my spring/summer essential, originally inspired by a men’s work shirt but now a coveted women’s wardrobe favourite. Elle’s take on the chambray is to be worn tied around the waist or doubled up with her favourite cut-offs; Elle uses the chambray shirt to pull the entire outfit together.


Chambray Shirt = Wardrobe Essential. Photo via Elle Ferguson

Killer Heels

Elle’s shoe collection is enviable… with an amazing range of statement heels that she pairs alongside comfy outfits to add edge and class.


Love these shoes. Available at Windsor Smith. Photo via Elle Ferguson.

Each month, the girls have their ‘Come shopping with us!’ post that enables you to essentially shop purchases that Elle and Tash consider the ‘must-haves’ for the month, pieces they have worn, styled and loved – making your monthly purchasing a breeze…

Follow the girls on Instagram for your daily dose of everything fashion! @elleferguson @tashsefton and @theyallhateus.

SS x

We love: The Clutch

I love handbags. If I had to choose between shoes and handbags… I probably couldn’t and would ultimately end up buying both. Big, small, totes, single shoulder strap, I have a bag for every occasion. Although at heart I am a carry-all kind of girl, I like to be prepared for all occasions so the over-sized bag tends to suit who I am. Toting my latest novel, a mini makeup kit, sunnies, snacks, a bottle of water plus all your regular daily essentials… I need a big bag!

But this Spring/Summer season I am downsizing. As the cliche goes… less is more, so it is all about the clutch! The clutch is the bite sized stylish accessory for all occasions; what was once reserved for after hours occasions at the cocktail bar, it is now the perfect addition to compliment your every day attire.

Here are my top five clutches that will work hard for you this season;

The Woven Clutch

Sheike Clutch

Woven Clutch. Photo Via: Sheike

The Clear Clutch

Clear Hard-Case Clutch. Photo Via:

Clear Hard-Case Clutch. Photo Via:

The Bright Clutch

ASOS Yellow Leather Clutch

Leather Clutch in Faux Pony Hair Photo Via: ASOS

The Printed Clutch

Animal Print Leather Clutch. Photo Via: Seed Heritage

Animal Print Leather Clutch. Photo Via: Seed Heritage

The Beaded Clutch

Kookai Beaded Clutch. Photo Via: Kookai

Kookai Beaded Clutch. Photo Via: Kookai

So ditch your over sized carry-all this weekend and carry a little bit less throughout Spring.

SS x

Hello Elle!

Only five years old when the first Australian Elle hit news-stands in 1990, I was never really able to experience an Australian Elle at a time that I had an appreciation for my own style. But its International sister mags have always been something I have turned to for inspiration. Defying the rumours that magazines are on the way out, Australian Elle has launched with a bang, with a countdown to launch across its social platforms and the Elle website providing a glimpse of what is to come.

I must admit, even in the age of technology, I am a sucker for a glossy magazine (the same way I will always choose the physical book over an electronic version) and Elle hasn’t let me down. Without my weekend ritual of coffee and a magazine I think I would be lost… there is something about trawling through page after page of gorgeous images and inspirational looks that sets me up for the rest of the weekend. Elle works because of the perfect balance between the aspirational and the affordable; that Dion Lee asymmetrical skirt that will take me four months worth of saving, eating only cruskits and phili cheese for lunch each day to save save save, or the super-comfy espadrilles that I am lusting over for my new summer wardrobe, which can be purchased from a fifty…with change!


Elle Magazine

With a hefty 400 pages of glossy goodness, I have been carrying it around for the last two weeks, as if it is an extension of myself. I must admit this issue has been giving me a bit of a workout, weighing in at what feels like five kilos. Although I must be balancing myself out as I think my wallet feels a little lighter?

While it is still early days for Elle, the next few months will definitely prove if Bauer Media made the right choice in launching a mag. But if first impressions count, I am a little in lust!

SS x

Fashion Frienemies

If you and your best friend have been caught fighting over the same item of clothing… You are not alone! Seeking style inspiration from your friends is normal, but sometimes your bestie can end up a fashion frienemy; when you see her toting the latest Alexander Wang Rocco bag that you stopped eating to save up for or wearing an item you have just bought before you have had the chance. The fashion frienemy is the latest in enviable fashion friendships.

Don’t get me wrong I love my girl friends, but sometimes I can end up with a case of the ‘green-eyed style monster’! My girlfriends have some of the most enviable wardrobes around and the ability to pull together the perfect balanced look effortlessly. And even though we each have our own individual styles, body shapes and signature looks; the longer we are friends the more our styles can blur. Somehow I end up buying something only to realise, a day, week or month later one of my friends has bought exactly the same thing. Knowing that your bestie has the same outfit can lead to a FOFFO… Fear Of a Fashion Face-Off, this is when you both show up to a function in the same outfit and it becomes a who wore it best scenario! Embarrassing! Unfortunately this can end up an unavoidable event and you just need to make the best of a bad situation; simply smile and have those token ‘twinsie’ photos together!


Twins! New friend I made while buying my morning coffee!

Even though my girlfriends leave me with serious wardrobe and style envy, you need to try to make the best of it and remember a couple of important things;

1.Your girlfriends are probably feeling exactly the same about you. You probably have items in your closet that are enviable or looks that they too wish they could get away with wearing that …

2. Contrary to popular belief, the truth of the situation is females dress for other females. Women appreciate fashion and style in a way that guys just don’t understand; so if you love their outfit tell them! It is always nice to hear a compliment.

3. With chain store basics at the centre of most wardrobes; even though you may own the same pieces your individual style means that you can add your own flavour to make a look your own through statement accessories and pieces that define you.

4. If your girlfriends are a similar size to you, it means your wardrobe has just doubled in size. Borrowing pieces from friends is the ultimate compliment but make sure they are comfortable with lending it to you and always return in the best condition.

So keep that green-eyed monster at bay and share your love of style with your besties…

SS x