How to: Banish those wet weather fashion blues

November rain… Perfect for a Sunday afternoon curled up with a cup of tea and a good book, not ideal for fashion lovers. After this week of sporadic rain and miserable weather in Sydney I have decided I am in need of some rainy day love. An anorak & gumboots have been my staples over the last few days and I am craving that little bit of Spring sunshine, so I can pull my favourites out of the cupboard and at least feel like a more fashionable version of myself.

With every fashion magazine on the newsstand parading the hottest looks for Spring, I am craving the opportunity to wear them. I know the rain shouldn’t stop me but I really just want to feel as though I can wear them without risk of them being ruined. Yes, it’s fine for those of you who drive to work everyday and only need to risk the rain in the 15 second sprint to your car but for the commuters of the world, like me, we are in need of some wet weather inspiration.

So as soon as those dark clouds begin to roll over Sydney my rainy day essentials make me feel a little less grey. Here are a few of my tips to try to waterproof your style ensuring you feel a little more polished and a little less like a drowned rat!

Must Waterproof

Sounds obvious, but on that beautiful sunny day it is usually the furthest thing from your mind. The last thing you want is a pair of my favourite shoes or statement handbag to be ruined in a surprise downpour. It is always in that moment when I am caught unprepared in a spring shower, that I am grateful for waterproofing.


When gumboots don’t make the cut – Waterproofing in KEY!

Whenever you purchase something new don’t forget to waterproof you will not regret it, it takes two minutes and means your favourite pieces can remain a treasure for so much longer.

The Clear Umbrella

Yes this may not be a wet weather essential and it does make me appear quite vain but the clear umbrella is my pick. My grandmother bought me mine telling me it is both cool and useful! And I couldn’t agree more… Just ask Blake Lively.


Channel Blake Lively’s Clear Umbrella Look

It goes with everything. Clashing colours are no longer an issue and I must admit a giant corporate logo doesn’t match anything in my wardrobe… and practically speaking you can still see where you are going regardless of how low you are pulling it down over your face to protect yourself.

Add Accessories

Looking stylish is not all about the clothes. Beautiful accessories can transform a basic white tee and jeans combo into something enviable and chic.


Statement Necklace = Mood Lifter. Photo via

Scarves, jewels and headwear are my go-to for a rainy day, they create excitement and depth to complete any basic look. So even if you are wearing gumboots, no one will be looking at your feet.

Nailed it!

Pampering yourself is the perfect way to pass time, while the rain pours down outside. Whether you are a DIY mani-pedi person or treat yourself at the beautician, bright nails on a miserable day are an instant mood lifter!


Mint nails

So while the clouds are grey my nails are coloured. I tend to choose bright colours in tones of pink or red, but breaking with tradition this time round I opt’ed for mint green to sooth my soul.


Frizz-free hairstyles are key to maintaining a stylish look. If you are anything like me, stepping out into the rain or humidity turns my hair into a sea of unflattering curls.


Rainy-day hairstyles

The sleek ponytail or messy braid are my picks, ensuring you still maintain a polished look with the ability to disguise and control any fly-aways that try to escape in the damp air. And you can get away with not washing your hair for a day or two and no one will know the difference…

So don’t let the rain get you down… Channel your inner fashionista in even if it means dancing in the November Rain…

Would love to hear your style tips for those rainy days?

SS x

Fashion Challenge; Joye of Denim

It’s that time again… Paula Joye’s Five Day Fashion Challenge. For those who are not aware, Paula Joye from Lifestyled loves to create a wardrobe challenge, encouraging you to make the most of existing items in your wardrobe fit to certain style theme…

And this week it was all about denim! Five days and five new ways to incorporate denim into your daily look. Denim jacket, skirts, cut-offs, coloured or chambray (on a technicality I am classifying chambray as denim)… P.J has put no rules or structure for my daily denim inspiration, the only rule is to wear denim in a way that is different from your usual style. For me, I am not a huge jeans person because I prefer to have my legs out… so I will be looking to wear my jeans at least once in someway throughout this week.


No such thing as too much denim.

Denim is a tricky trend to pull-off for five days in a corporate environment, lucky for me my workplace is quite casual. However, finding workwear appropriate denim pieces was a challenge but it can be done. The key is to pair with luxe materials and chic accessories to complete a polished denim look.

So without further adieu let the denim fashion challenge begin.

Day 1. Monday – Denim Jacket

Braving the elements on a Monday is not ideal, you don’t want to leave your bed and it makes choosing an outfit that is ‘wet-weather’ appropriate a nightmare. But that’s the blessing of a fashion challenge it means the difficult decisions of what to wear have already been made and you can hit snooze once of twice.


Day 1. Miserable weather in denim

Today, I started with a classic wardrobe must-have, the denim jacket. I bought this one from Sportsgirl about 10 years ago, whilst still in school, and although I don’t wear it as often as I used to, it was definitely a piece worth holding onto. Worn layered over my favourite classic white shirt, ankle boots and an a-line skirt; for a Miranda Kerr-esqueรฉ look.

Day 2. Tuesday – Distressed Denim

Distressed denim at work is pretty risquรฉ, especially when I have client meeting first thing. Worn alongside a pair of nude pumps and blazer creates a clean look. There is something really hot about distressed denim with heels, not sure if guys get it, its probably a trend they would rather us wear for housework rather than a night out, but I just can’t go past it.


Day 2. Distressed Denim Look

If you don’t have a pair of distressed denims, investing in some doesn’t need to break the bank, with chain stores everywhere taking this trend to new heights. My denims are from the basics experts, Glassons, costing me less than a full tank of petrol!

Day 3. Wednesday – White & Denim

As the sky clears for ‘fashion challenge hump day’ I realise this isn’t as easy as I assumed it would be. Wearing denim day-in, day-out and ensuring it is workwear appropriate is quite hard.


Day 3. White & Denim

Today I took one of my weekend staples, sleeveless denim shirt, and added to a workwear essential, white pencil skirt, to create my version of casual-chic…. Ensuring I still look presentable for the random meeting that somehow always pops up on a day I decide to make a risky fashion statement, a black lace bra, see-through blouse and your company CEO don’t really mix. White & denim are a match made in heaven creating a clean spring day look.

Day 4. Thursday – Chambray

The Chambray Shirt is a new favourite in the wardrobe department, the perfect throw over option or to create an edgy look when worn with super skinny jeans #doubledenimalert. Although technically not denim, I am ensuring I wear it in a new, ergo challenging way.


Day 4. Inspired by Elle Ferguson

To mix it up, I decided to tie it around my waist. This trend of tying your sleeved tops round your waist is not a new concept. The last time I did it was at the recommendation of my mum to prevent me from loosing my primary track top on sports day. Although slightly self conscious I wrapped my chambray round my waist and endeavoured to rock it like a stylist. Inspired by fashionista Elle Ferguson, I have recreated her street style look and taken it into the workplace.

Day 5. Friday – Casual Friday

Casual Friday… would have to be my favourite day of the week, as it is acceptable to wear sneakers to work! Aside from the sneakers I am pulling out an oldie but a goodie… Buried in the back of my wardrobe, where it has been a permanent resident for the past 5 or so years. I’m dusting off this denim classic and rocking it my way.


Day 5. Casual Friday – Dressed for Comfort

The denim skirt, has taken a back seat of late to the latest casual denim essential, the cut-off denim shorts. I am making executive fashion decision, it is time for a denim skirt comeback; versatile, comfy and the ultimate building block for any casual chic outfit. Paired with a slogan tee, another wardrobe favourite, creating a cool-comfy approach to this look ensuring denim remains the hero of my outfit.

So that brings to a close what I wore for another successful Lifestyled fashion challenge… I have looked forward to each and everyday this week of denim. Each outfit was a group effort; as the work girls have oh’d and ah’d over my combos and created playful banter over where chambray is actually denim or if I’m breaking the rules! Looking forward to the next challenge PJ!

Check out #JoyeofDenim on Instagram or Twitter for more denim inspiration.

SS x

We Love: Travel in Style – Bali

Don’t you hate it when your social feed becomes full of your friends travel adventures and a series of show-off shots of gorgeous beaches, edgy hotels and local delicacies, meanwhile you are stuck inside behind a desk at work… It is board line depressing. I must confess that for the past week that annoying #traveller … was me.


Waiting at Sydney Airport

My partner and I headed to beautiful Bali for five glorious days in the sun and surf. Bali is a summer-lovers dream, offering warm weather and attracting tourists all year round. From lush rice paddy fields, stretches of rainforest and beautiful beaches; who could say no to this island paradise.

Where I Stayed

The Elysian Boutique Villa Hotel in Seminyak, a self discovered tropical resort oasis (thank you


The gorgeous Elysian Boutique Villas

Each beautiful villa is equipped with its own private pool, enclosed within a tropical style jungle. We were hosted by some of the most beautiful friendly staff and close to all the action, an easy (but hot) walk to Seminyak beach and the main street of town. But with cabs being so accessible and cheap (approx. 30-40,000 rupiah – about $4 Australian dollars), it is easy to move around town in air-conditioned comfort. Travel tip: always check your taxi has a meter as some drivers are likely to try to overcharge. I would definitely recommend The Elysian Villas for your next stay in a slice of Balinese paradise.

What I wore

In Bali, the days are long and very warm; the sunโ€™s rays can definitely pack a punch. My daily essentials consisted of… five bikinis that I packed for a five-day stay…(too much?), my fluro orange tasseled sarong which was never far from hand, a pair of oversized shades, classic black Havaianas and le Tan 30+ coconut lotion.


What I Wore: Poolside Essentials

When not pool or beachside, my Wrangler denim cut-offs and a basic slogan tee was my outfit of choice, alongside my latest love… The Panama hat … which never left my head protecting my face and skin during the heat of the day…


Maxi Love: Glassons Dress

Throughout the night, the warmth in the air still lingers so a floaty and light maxi dress is the perfect attire for a stroll on the beach or dinner at one of the many fine dining experiences in the local area.

Where I Ate

I am a major foodie, Bali, Seminyak in particular, is known for its extensive selection of restaurants, it is a foodies paradise. So, with so many amazing choices I thought I would share three of my favs.

Sea Circus, Seminyak left me in a mini-mexicoma. Located just back from the beach, this restaurant is perfect for lunch and a few margaritas, both fresh and cool on a hot Bali day. My pick; the prawn tacos with mango salsa and a pitcher of traditional margaritas infused with Balinese limes, spicy and oh so yummy.


Sea Circus: Mexi-amazing

For cocktails at sunset, Ku De Ta is the perfect location for a drink or two in the afternoon. Ku De Ta has the most incredible cocktail selection, although the prices similar to cocktails in Australia it is definitely worth it for the view.


Lantern tree outside Ku De Ta

Dinner at La Lucciola, which offers an amazing selection of Italian dishes combining a Mediterranean flare and a touch of Asian fusion.


La Lucciola Restaurant

The restaurant is housed in an open two-storey cabana style house, overlooking one of the prettiest stretches of Seminyak Beach. It is a good idea to book a table for sunset, to experience the incredible Bali sun, setting over the ocean. My cocktail of choice is the frozen coconut margaritas (I am way too obsessed with coconut), I swear I could have had it hooked up to me on a drip!

Five days is definitely not enough to experience beautiful Bali, I guess that means I will be returning to paradise very soon.


Poolside Paradise

So as I head back to work this week, the only thing to help me get over my post-holiday blues is to start planning the next one #wheretonext…

SS x