We love: Slogan Tees

If you think you have got something worth saying? It’s time to put it on a t-shirt.


We love: Slogan Tee. Photo via The Iconic

The slogan-print tee is the latest and greatest way to express yourself. Over the past few weeks, I have started to acquire slogan tees at an absurd rate, in every kind of style and with expressions that sometimes don’t make any sense. But by simply adding a touch of text to the front of your tee, you’re instantly on trend for this season. My love of the slogan tee stems from the fact that it creates a carefree attitude; working with almost any outfit, from the beach to the bar, to make a statement.

Whether you prefer your labels to do the talking, or to be a little cheeky or bold there is something for everyone. Here are a couple of my favourites from my wardrobe and how to add to this seasons look.

The Confidence Boost Tee – Witchery


Tres Chic – Witchery

Fill in the blanks – I _ _ _ _ You


ASOS I _ _ _ _ You Tee

Cheeky brand plays – Celine Me Alone


Celine Me Alone; Hello Parry

Sharing my love of food – Je t’aime crossiant


Je T’aime Croissant – The Iconic

Classic band tee – One Teaspoon


One Teaspoon Band Tee – Led Bloody Zeppelin

So make a statement and tell everyone what you are feeling… By wearing on your t-shirt!

SS x


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