We love; Online Shopping

There is almost nothing you can’t buy online, from fashion to home wares, groceries to gifts, all sent straight to your door. The convenience of shopping can end up getting me into some serious trouble, with The Iconic’s express shipping within 3 hours, means my purchases arrive in time for the weekend or a desperate binge that I need in my hand now can pretty much be achieved. My online shopping style is something I like to call ‘a web grazer’, all day long a will constantly add and add, more and more pieces to my carts, across multiple sites, before taking a short break, only to click back an hour or so later to decide exactly how much money I really want to part with that day. From there I narrow my purchases down or store for another day, secretly hoping they will go on sale.

The only negative for me, is my tendency to shop online at very strange hours of the day; more often than not I am either procrastinating or bored. My favourite time to online shop:

The Mid-day Cash Splash

When productivity and motivation levels are low, I tend to hit the web for a quick pick-me up. It never needs to be a huge spending spree, just 10 minutes or so to help clear my head and not think about work. Today my credit card has received three mildly strenuous workouts, as a add new pieces to my ever-expanding wardrobe.

Today's Purchases; Witchery Tres Chic Tee

Purchase 1; Witchery Text Tee

The Late Night Binge

Usually whilst I am laying on the couch, half paying attention to the TV in the background, as I jump between fashion blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and my favourite fashion sites to see what is new and on trend. This is the most dangerous after a wine or two. Embarrassingly I have had a couple of surprise items arrive on my doorstep

But shopping at strange hours leads me to what I love most about buying online….

The Parcels

A spending spree late on a Sunday night before the big week of work, means when Monday comes I have a week full of shiny new parcels and packages to look forward too. Like little gifts to myself each day. I am renowned at work for receiving weekly packages from my latest online binge.

Purchase 3; Tony Bianco Wedges

Purchase 3; Tony Bianco Wedges

It is at times like these that my partner is grateful for separate credit cards and bank accounts; he just shakes his head at me as I try to explain away my purchases.

SS x

StyleinSneakers; Beginnings

So I decided to start a blog, convinced by my girl friends that I actually have something interesting to say, I decided to give it a shot.

Where to start… Being quite analytically minded I need some sort of structure so I have broken it down in order to get this started!

Step 1. Find the thing you are passionate about.

My personal passions… Fashion and Food… Two things that traditionally don’t go hand in hand, as loving food too much sometimes can prevent me from fitting into that latest trend. But as the saying goes everything in moderation… except shoes, you can never have too many shoes. My love of clothes started as soon as I could talk from then on I always had to pick out my own outfits. Much to my mothers dismay I was not the girliest of daughters; never really wanting to frock up, preferring to wear things that enabled me to run around and go on my own outdoor adventures. Luckily, my little sister, 18 months my junior was the tutu wearing, sparkle approving, barbie playing little girl, so I had someone to balance out my tomboy nature. So it seems that the idea of comfortable fashion has been in me since childhood. Although, I have become more feminine as I have gotten older, and I now do love an excuse to dress up, but at the heart of me I am a girl who dresses for comfort and I believe that my understated style brings to life who I am.

Which leads me to my next point…

Step 2. Establish who you are.

I am an ordinary girl who dreams of the extraordinary and is grateful for every day. I am not a style icon and I would not consider myself edgy or chic. I am someone whose hobby happens to be style and searching for the stylish things in life. One of the best parts of my day is standing in front of my wardrobe deciding what to wear. Although my partner disagrees, he says that four outfit changes per day is standard practice before I find what to wear and that I end up leaving the house each day with more clothes on the bed than in the wardrobe (how is this fun?). I think I am known personally by Australia Post, simply for my ability to go on a spending spree or two online…There is nothing more exciting than a package arriving with your name on it.

I am not a journalist or a magazine editor, (as you can probably tell from my writing technique) I pretty much trawl the internet for a living, so inspirational photos and the latest trends are forever gracing my screen.

You will find me at my most comfortable in a pair of white converse sneakers, jeans, an oversized grey t-shirt and a carry all bag with my latest must read book.

Favourite Look: Comfortable Style

Favourite Look: Comfortable Style

Step 3. No more procrastinating…

Write something.

So here goes… Be kind my friends as I share my inner fashion voice with the Internet void.

SS x