Fashion through the eyes of a bloke!

My boyfriend loves when I talk fashion, his eyes begin to glaze over and I swear he is replaying last nights NRL highlights in his mind. He still nods and feigns interest but he’s not listening at all. That is until I mention one of the following statements and then he rolls his eyes and has to give his two cents in protest against me.

So I decided to contest his opinions and share my reasons that the following statements are worth all the eye-rolling.

1. ‘Investment pieces’ are an excuse for you to spend more money. To me ‘Investment Piece’ doesn’t have to come with a giant price tag for me it is all about the make good choices and as with all good investments they pay off in the end with a really good return. By choosing eternally stylish pieces in classic cuts, colours and premium fabrics you avoid those disposable fashion fads. You will know when you have made a good investment as you will still receive compliments every time you pull this piece out and you are still wearing this item 10 years from now.

2. ‘I need new staples’you already have a wardrobe full of clothes why do you need another grey t-shirt? Fashion staples are the building blocks of any good wardrobe and can instantly prepare you for any situation. I need at least a black, grey and two white t-shirts simply because I wear them often and under almost everything. Therefore I try to buy the most durable basics around that don’t cost a fortune, for me these items end up going through the wash at least twice a week and are swapped out every 6 months for a new one. So if your white t-shirt now appears to be more of an off-white shade or slightly stained or stretched, the polished outfit you want to achieve no longer looks so shiny and it is time for a new one.

JCrew Cotton V-Neck Tee - Favourite Staple

J.Crew Cotton V-Neck Tee – Favourite Staple                                                           Photo Via: J.Crew

3. ‘I am going to organise my wardrobe’Huh? It is a place to store clothes the organisation portion is implied and already built in. This is true, however I maintain that wardrobe organisation is a seasonal event for me and my reasoning is simple. Undertaking this task ensures my wardrobe is not cluttered by items that I won’t be wearing over the next six months (do really need to have your winter coats accessible in an Australian summer where temperatures can reach 40 degrees), my mind is refreshed on the clothes I do own and love for the upcoming season, and it is an opportunity to cull all those ‘what was I thinking items’ or slightly non wearable items that are just taking up space.


My Wardrobe – Bursting at the seams

4. ‘Gimme one sec’ said prior to walking/rushing out the front door! Granted you don’t really say anything here it is more often than not all said in one look… Whether it is quickly do one last check of my make up, grab my keys or my lipstick, allowing me this last minute adjustment can make or break my night which ultimately means your night too. It seems strange but that last minute check helps me centre myself before we go anywhere so please just roll with it. I promise it is better to give me these few seconds to collect myself than for me to be stressed and complaining that I have left something essential behind.

5. ‘I have nothing to wearyou physically can not fit anymore clothes in your wardrobe how can you find nothing. Yes I have an abundance of clothes, but it is all about finding something I actually feel like wearing, something that I haven’t worn to death or been seen wearing multiple times by the same people. For mere mortals like me, i.e. people without stylists, building an outfit takes time and effort. People who say ‘I just threw this on’ are either; a) lying or b) have preplanned this outfit weeks ago while at home one day on their own (I am onto your tricks). Finding a single outfit combo you love is pretty easy, but finding ten different perfect outfit combos per month (given that you are probably wearing this outfit a minimum of 3 times a month) takes some serious planning and effort. So don’t rush me…

But despite all the eye rolling he will never change my love for fashion or my ability to justify my latest purchase. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I adopted his approach to determining what to wear, whereby shopping is a bi-annual event or he just lets the girlfriend get it… But then that doesn’t sound like any fun…

SS x