Trend to Try: Shorts & Tights

Opaques & shorts is the latest Autumn/Winter statement look. Street style chic at its finest. And no one has mastered this trend better than Olivia Palermo… Effortless and just damn cool! What I love about this look is the ability to mix into your everyday no matter what your style. In my attempt to ‘shop my own wardrobe’ for the next couple of weeks I think this look is an easy way to try out something new with something I already own and love…

Here are my two options for the looks I love:

Mix military & denim to create a level of street-cred and the perfect casual weekend look for a spot of shopping.

Olivia Palermo Weekend Short Style

Olivia Palermo Weekend Short Style. Photo via Instagram.

Or try corporate casual in a pair of structured shorts, statement blazer and sky-high pumps, for a polished work wear look.

Olivia Palermo Corporate Shorts and Tights Chic

Olivia Palermo Corporate Shorts and Tights Chic. Photo via Instagram

Although, it is officially winter the chill has not quite set in for us Sydney-siders which makes this a perfect opportunity to road-test this trend. I am super keen to try my luck on a Saturday morning on the way to coffee and to stroll through the local markets or for a touch of street side shopping.

Stay posted kids to see me rocking this look very soon.

SS x

We love: Slogan Tees

If you think you have got something worth saying? It’s time to put it on a t-shirt.


We love: Slogan Tee. Photo via The Iconic

The slogan-print tee is the latest and greatest way to express yourself. Over the past few weeks, I have started to acquire slogan tees at an absurd rate, in every kind of style and with expressions that sometimes don’t make any sense. But by simply adding a touch of text to the front of your tee, you’re instantly on trend for this season. My love of the slogan tee stems from the fact that it creates a carefree attitude; working with almost any outfit, from the beach to the bar, to make a statement.

Whether you prefer your labels to do the talking, or to be a little cheeky or bold there is something for everyone. Here are a couple of my favourites from my wardrobe and how to add to this seasons look.

The Confidence Boost Tee – Witchery


Tres Chic – Witchery

Fill in the blanks – I _ _ _ _ You


ASOS I _ _ _ _ You Tee

Cheeky brand plays – Celine Me Alone


Celine Me Alone; Hello Parry

Sharing my love of food – Je t’aime crossiant


Je T’aime Croissant – The Iconic

Classic band tee – One Teaspoon


One Teaspoon Band Tee – Led Bloody Zeppelin

So make a statement and tell everyone what you are feeling… By wearing on your t-shirt!

SS x

Fashion Frienemies

If you and your best friend have been caught fighting over the same item of clothing… You are not alone! Seeking style inspiration from your friends is normal, but sometimes your bestie can end up a fashion frienemy; when you see her toting the latest Alexander Wang Rocco bag that you stopped eating to save up for or wearing an item you have just bought before you have had the chance. The fashion frienemy is the latest in enviable fashion friendships.

Don’t get me wrong I love my girl friends, but sometimes I can end up with a case of the ‘green-eyed style monster’! My girlfriends have some of the most enviable wardrobes around and the ability to pull together the perfect balanced look effortlessly. And even though we each have our own individual styles, body shapes and signature looks; the longer we are friends the more our styles can blur. Somehow I end up buying something only to realise, a day, week or month later one of my friends has bought exactly the same thing. Knowing that your bestie has the same outfit can lead to a FOFFO… Fear Of a Fashion Face-Off, this is when you both show up to a function in the same outfit and it becomes a who wore it best scenario! Embarrassing! Unfortunately this can end up an unavoidable event and you just need to make the best of a bad situation; simply smile and have those token ‘twinsie’ photos together!


Twins! New friend I made while buying my morning coffee!

Even though my girlfriends leave me with serious wardrobe and style envy, you need to try to make the best of it and remember a couple of important things;

1.Your girlfriends are probably feeling exactly the same about you. You probably have items in your closet that are enviable or looks that they too wish they could get away with wearing that …

2. Contrary to popular belief, the truth of the situation is females dress for other females. Women appreciate fashion and style in a way that guys just don’t understand; so if you love their outfit tell them! It is always nice to hear a compliment.

3. With chain store basics at the centre of most wardrobes; even though you may own the same pieces your individual style means that you can add your own flavour to make a look your own through statement accessories and pieces that define you.

4. If your girlfriends are a similar size to you, it means your wardrobe has just doubled in size. Borrowing pieces from friends is the ultimate compliment but make sure they are comfortable with lending it to you and always return in the best condition.

So keep that green-eyed monster at bay and share your love of style with your besties…

SS x

We love: Monochrome – One colour fits all

The latest trends have landed for the new season ahead. Currently, stores are filling their clothing racks with the newest must-have; Monochrome. Black and white is an elegant and classic look, a failsafe for every occasion.

Don’t get me wrong I love incorporating colour, florals and prints into my outfits, but every once in a while I crave an effortlessly chic outfit and Monochrome is where is it at. The number one reason I love this trend is because it is so easy. For me monochrome is a trend with longevity, meaning that you probably have an assortment of pieces in your wardrobe already, providing plenty of opportunities to ‘shop’ from items that you already own. This means that even when it is not flagged as a ‘seasonal-must’ you can it wear anyway. Although, I would never discourage you from hitting the shops…

Here are a couple of my favourite ways to inject monochrome into wardrobe this season:

Block Colour

For minimalists, everywhere monochrome hits the spot; with white-on-white and black-on-black, are an instant winner in the wardrobe department.


Monochrome Style; Block colours my way

This summer, white-on-white, provides a fresh and clean look, incorporating neutrals to create the perfect day look or a ‘slightly’ off white knit for those casual cool summers nights. But if you consider black and white not enough and you need something more, this trend easily lends itself to add a pop of colour through a statement shoe or clutch.

Alexis Bledel - Monochrome Classic. Photo Via: The Posh Life

Alexis Bledel – Monochrome Classic. Photo Via: The Posh Life

Classic Accessories

Monochrome accessories are an easy and affordable way to update your wardrobe. They will never go out of style and be a great investment and most likely match alongside pieces you already own; think big cat-eye sunglasses or a chic clutch in black, white or ebony. Make a statement by contrasting monochrome accessories alongside a bold print.


Monochrome Accessories. Clockwise from top left; Quay Eyewear, Seed Heritage Zebra Crossing Scarf, Summer Fedora and Portmans White Punched Tote

Stripes and spots

Create a bold look through monochrome prints. The black and white spot print is my new favourite trend for this spring, present in my latest purchase; Witchery’s Animal Print Pants, which have become an instant wardrobe favourite. Paired with a basic black or white tee and bejeweled flats for day or my sky high strappy heels and a statement clutch for an evening with my ladies.


Love my Black and White Spotty Witchery Pants – Super Comfy

For those not bold enough to brave the animal print pants, a monochrome heel or clutch works just as well, ensuring you are on trend for this season.

Whatever your fashion personality monochrome is the easiest trend to tackle, which can be interpreted in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

SS x

Fashion by Numbers; Varsity

Sporty luxe is back for this upcoming spring/summer but with an American College twist. The varsity vibe is the new spin on last seasons sporty trend which has been inspired by the classic American college football and baseball uniforms. More extreme than the traditional sporty luxe which has slowly evolved over the last season. If you are ever going to try this trend nows the time as it is more accessible and affordable than ever.

Block number tees are one of the most affordable ways to inject this trend into your wardrobe. CottonOn, ASOS and TopShop have their shelves stocked with tees in a range of colours and styles for under $50. Worn alongside a pair of ripped boyfriend or super skinny jeans and with a pair of sneakers to complete your weekend look. Here’s my favourites varsity look:


My (toned-down) Varsity Style

When channeling this look, think black, white and a splash of your favourite bold sports team colour, red, green or blue, oversized tees with block numbers or two-tone baseball style tops. For those that are younger at heart; backpacks and beanies can create a look with an edge.

Varsity is weekend casual at its best, definitely a trend to try this weekend.

SS x

We love: Stripes

There is something particularly thrilling about rediscovering something in your wardrobe that was loved yet forgotten. For me the thrill comes when, for whatever reason, you have selectively held onto something and it suddenly appears as a new season must-have. Finding that hidden gem in the back your closet is like discovering a $50 note in an old jacket pocket… bliss! The fashion industry is known for being notoriously cyclical; fashion trends come and go in waves and designers are known to look to the past for next seasons inspiration (we have all seen the 90s style mid-drift top popping up in stores everywhere this season). Every once in a while my mum will say “I used have ‘insert item’ just like that when I was your age”, which just proves my point more. As I mature the investment in key pieces that will last season in and season out is something I continuous look for. The Breton stripe is one of those key pieces and has been around long enough to deserve its fashion status.


Clockwise from top left; Topshop, Sportsgirl, Topshop, Seed Heritage

It was originally introduced into French Naval law in the 1850’s as a part of a sailors uniform, to assist in the location of crew members who fell overboard while at sea. Coco Chanel, then introduced the striped design to the world of fashion as a part of Chanel’s nautical collection in 1917,after visiting the French Coast. The Breton stripe became the iconic symbol of French upper middle class chic during the pre-war Riviera years. Coco Chanel designed the piece to be paired the shirt with long flared trousers; which was at the time made popular by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot.


Now and Then: Stripe Trends – Ashley Olsen and Audrey Hepburn. Photo Via: WikiFashion

Today, it is now symbolic of Parisian chic, as the Breton stripe enters into both female and male wardrobes. This style has been sported by celebs including Olivia Palermo, Michelle Williams and Ashley Olsen, evolving from its traditional navy and white boat-necked style.

My wardrobe is now a sea of stripes; mainly in the traditional navy and white, maybe a hint of black and always horizontal (I salute the women who have the confidence to pull off a vertical stripe!). For me stripes represent comfortable chic at its best, and due to its successful fashion history it will continue to be a fashion staple.


My Mid-Season Stripe

The Breton is the perfect to throw on mid season alongside a pair of cut offs or a pair of black pants and leopard print flats for a more polished look. The striped top has become a staple in my weekly outfit rotation…it is like an old friend casual comfortable style at its best!

SS x

Fashion rules to break this season

Every season fashion trends come and go, with designers pushing their latest collections and style boundaries. If you are like me and live by fashion rules, don’t ask me to wear black and brown because I just won’t do it, pushing those style boundaries requires a little guidance. So here are my fashion rules to be broken this winter season; tried and test by me…

Winter brights

Winter can be gloomy enough without your wardrobe being a miserable sea of black and grey too. Warm winter days means warm colours.


Winter Brights; Willing the Warm Weather Closer

Now is the time to combine those big bold colours together in whatever form you like, with bright knits, beanies, blazers or for those who love the black and grey winter combo, a bold lip, as tone-on-tone colour is a big now trend.

Winter White

White in winter often receives a bad rap; I think its predominantly due to the US saying ‘No white after Labor Day’ but as a Southern Hemisphere fashion lover this rule is begging to be broken. My white jeans are a safe winter favourite, while recently helping a girlfriend out at a market stall I saved her white jeans off the sale rack, ‘don’t sell these you will regret it’ and since that day I think I have seen her in them about five times.


Winter White Denim; Jeans by Glassons

Contrasting white against the traditional dark winter hues or alongside a pastel knit is the perfect way to lighten up your winter wardrobe. My only exception here is white shoes… this is a no-no so please save for the warmer months.

Double Denim

Clawing its way off the worst trends list, Double Denim is still quite a tricky trend and can turn ugly very quickly. When choosing your outfit, apply two of the most universal style rules; 1. Don’t go baggy on the top and bottom, pick one feature to highlight and 2. Don’t do matchy-matchy, choose contrasting tones the key to this trend is dark denim at the bottom and a chambray shirt in a lighter shade at the top to complete the look.


Double Denim – Chambray Shirt. Photo via Seed Heritage

Add minimal accessories alongside a statement bag and you are ready to go.


This is definitely a trend to try with celebrities everywhere getting comfy in their latest kicks. I blame, Foster the People, with their chart topping single Pumped up Kicks, having sold over 5 million copies in the United States as of January 2013. Although your gym shoes need to remain in the gym, the must-have wedged sneaker is an acceptable street style exception.


Sneaker Love; Nike

Patterns and stripes

Who made up the rule that you can’t clash patterns with stripes? Clearly, this was meant to be broken.


Favourite Look; Florals and Stripes

Floral prints and stripes (horizontal only) would have to be one of my favourite combinations this season, as I have been inspired many times with the latest runway trend of contrasting prints, proving that your outfits don’t need to match all the time.

Clashing metals

Once upon a time it was severely frowned upon to mix silver and gold jewellery together, but this season anything goes. Layered wrist wear is the easiest and safest way to work this trend; combine your watch, some metal and maybe a splash of colour. Why not throw in some rose gold while you’re at it?


Fashion Rules to Break: Clashing Metals

So be daring and break a rule or two!

SS x