Style Obsession: The Tulle Skirt

The latest obsession has found fashion bloggers everywhere raiding their 5 year old nieces wardrobe or the local bridal exchange co-op for the latest in ‘now’ piece: the Tulle Skirt. I am no different, I am absolutely in love with this statement look. Although I wasn’t a girlie-girl in my youth, preferring trucks over tulle, I am embracing feminine and fabulous in my twenties.


Full Tulle Skirt and a basic grey tee. Photo via: Instagram

Inspired by the infamous Carrie Bradshaw, known for pushing boundaries and sporting looks that I could only ever dream to wear. One of the most well known outfits in the entire Sex and the City series mainly due to it appearing in the opening credits of the show.


Love Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Tulle Skirt

However years later in the Sex and the City movie, Carrie and the girls allow us a glimpse down fashion-memory lane via Carrie’s wardrobe and all agree the tulle skirt is the piece to ‘TAKE’. Even though the show that taught so many girls, like myself, to love and experiment with fashion that moment has been cemented in fashionistas everywhere that one day we will be able to rock a Tulle skirt ‘almost’ as well as Carrie. Well that was the dream anyway…


Black Tulle and opaque tights. Photo via: Instagram

Fast-forward 10 years and here I am, trawling eBay trying to track down the perfect Tulle skirt to add to my ever expanding list of wardrobe essentials. Any assistance will be welcomed with open arms… I am not afraid to ask a fellow fashion-lover to ‘hook a sister up!’


The perfect combination of tough and feminine. Photo via: Instagram

For me the Tulle skirt is to be paired with simple pieces and let the skirt itself do its job and just wow people! I am becoming slightly more feminine as I get older but I still love a touch of tough or tomboy. This means think tucked in chambray shirts (another wardrobe essential that won’t be going anywhere soon), black leather jackets or track-top style material (sounds crazy but trust me… It works).


Tulle with Marle Grey Jumper – Girlie and Cool. Photo via: Instagram

Feminine and flirtatious, the Tulle Skirt allows you to tap into your inner child, or bride-to-be, in a way that will make you want to wear it almost everyday. This look is a definite show stopper!

SS x

Fashion rules to break this season

Every season fashion trends come and go, with designers pushing their latest collections and style boundaries. If you are like me and live by fashion rules, don’t ask me to wear black and brown because I just won’t do it, pushing those style boundaries requires a little guidance. So here are my fashion rules to be broken this winter season; tried and test by me…

Winter brights

Winter can be gloomy enough without your wardrobe being a miserable sea of black and grey too. Warm winter days means warm colours.


Winter Brights; Willing the Warm Weather Closer

Now is the time to combine those big bold colours together in whatever form you like, with bright knits, beanies, blazers or for those who love the black and grey winter combo, a bold lip, as tone-on-tone colour is a big now trend.

Winter White

White in winter often receives a bad rap; I think its predominantly due to the US saying ‘No white after Labor Day’ but as a Southern Hemisphere fashion lover this rule is begging to be broken. My white jeans are a safe winter favourite, while recently helping a girlfriend out at a market stall I saved her white jeans off the sale rack, ‘don’t sell these you will regret it’ and since that day I think I have seen her in them about five times.


Winter White Denim; Jeans by Glassons

Contrasting white against the traditional dark winter hues or alongside a pastel knit is the perfect way to lighten up your winter wardrobe. My only exception here is white shoes… this is a no-no so please save for the warmer months.

Double Denim

Clawing its way off the worst trends list, Double Denim is still quite a tricky trend and can turn ugly very quickly. When choosing your outfit, apply two of the most universal style rules; 1. Don’t go baggy on the top and bottom, pick one feature to highlight and 2. Don’t do matchy-matchy, choose contrasting tones the key to this trend is dark denim at the bottom and a chambray shirt in a lighter shade at the top to complete the look.


Double Denim – Chambray Shirt. Photo via Seed Heritage

Add minimal accessories alongside a statement bag and you are ready to go.


This is definitely a trend to try with celebrities everywhere getting comfy in their latest kicks. I blame, Foster the People, with their chart topping single Pumped up Kicks, having sold over 5 million copies in the United States as of January 2013. Although your gym shoes need to remain in the gym, the must-have wedged sneaker is an acceptable street style exception.


Sneaker Love; Nike

Patterns and stripes

Who made up the rule that you can’t clash patterns with stripes? Clearly, this was meant to be broken.


Favourite Look; Florals and Stripes

Floral prints and stripes (horizontal only) would have to be one of my favourite combinations this season, as I have been inspired many times with the latest runway trend of contrasting prints, proving that your outfits don’t need to match all the time.

Clashing metals

Once upon a time it was severely frowned upon to mix silver and gold jewellery together, but this season anything goes. Layered wrist wear is the easiest and safest way to work this trend; combine your watch, some metal and maybe a splash of colour. Why not throw in some rose gold while you’re at it?


Fashion Rules to Break: Clashing Metals

So be daring and break a rule or two!

SS x

We love: Winter Layers

So as it rolls over into August and I am finally accepting the fact that it is winter and it is very cold. The mornings for me are a struggle; 1. Forcing myself to get up out of my safe warm bed and 2. Spending as little time as possible standing in front of my wardrobe in my under-garments as I decide what to wear. Truthfully winter layering is a skill, it is all about balancing out your pieces with your body shape so you don’t end up looking bulking and 10 kilos heavier than you actually are. Hopefully these layer friendly essentials keep you stylish and warm through the coldest of days.

Here are my winter layering essentials;

The Classic Trench

This item can end up being one of the hardest working pieces in your wardrobe all year round. Once strictly the domain of British military officers, the trench coat is now a fashion staple. The trench is perfect to wear with jeans, light weight knits for the day or tights, a leather mini and ankle boots at night.

Winter Layer Essential: Zara Trench Coat

Winter Layer Essential: Zara Trench Coat

The Light Weight Knit

While it is tempting to choose cheap and cheerful knits, purchase items in wool and cashmere to ensure they are warm while still fitting comfortably underneath a coat or jacket. As you wander the city streets you will only see a fraction of your knit which adds a sense of depth to your outfit. But, once inside and your coat is off, this piece can help make a statement so ensure you have fun with prints, patterns and colours.

The Jersey Dress

Purchasing a dress in jersey material means they stretch with your curves for the ultimate winter hug. Choose a dress that falls slightly above the knee and with a slight gather across the waist and hips to create a flattering silhouette.

Witchery Jersey Dress. Photo Via: Witchery

Witchery Jersey Dress. Photo Via: Witchery

The perfect seasonal must have for winter and the shoulder-seasons; combining with tights and boots or bare legs and heels, when you are feeling confident to brave the cold. Witchery is my place of purchase with lots of great winter tones and fits for all body shapes.

Super skinny jeans

The skinny jeans, trap the warmth close to your body and are the perfect building block for your winter look.


J Brand Maria High Rise Skinny
Photo Via Shopbop

Invest in a good quality ‘dress jeans’ that are good quality that look smart and polished, not too scruffy when you are dressed down. This winter rock a super skinny dark pair of jeans for warmth and style.

The Scarf

The scarf is the easiest and ultimate winter accessory. The perfect way to trap warmth close to your body and can instantly add style and dimension to your outfit.


Oversized scarf – Winter Warmth

Wear them all the time and with everything; an oversized woollen scarf, for those cold mornings where you feel the winter chill in your bones or a light weight printed creation to jazz up those dull winter tones. Above is my favourite winter scarf, I bought it in Japan two years ago it is like a giant cuddle.

So layer up and keep stylish this winter season.

SS x