Trend to Try: Shorts & Tights

Opaques & shorts is the latest Autumn/Winter statement look. Street style chic at its finest. And no one has mastered this trend better than Olivia Palermo… Effortless and just damn cool! What I love about this look is the ability to mix into your everyday no matter what your style. In my attempt to ‘shop my own wardrobe’ for the next couple of weeks I think this look is an easy way to try out something new with something I already own and love…

Here are my two options for the looks I love:

Mix military & denim to create a level of street-cred and the perfect casual weekend look for a spot of shopping.

Olivia Palermo Weekend Short Style

Olivia Palermo Weekend Short Style. Photo via Instagram.

Or try corporate casual in a pair of structured shorts, statement blazer and sky-high pumps, for a polished work wear look.

Olivia Palermo Corporate Shorts and Tights Chic

Olivia Palermo Corporate Shorts and Tights Chic. Photo via Instagram

Although, it is officially winter the chill has not quite set in for us Sydney-siders which makes this a perfect opportunity to road-test this trend. I am super keen to try my luck on a Saturday morning on the way to coffee and to stroll through the local markets or for a touch of street side shopping.

Stay posted kids to see me rocking this look very soon.

SS x

Failsafe for the Workplace

When it comes to work attire, as in life, the grass always feels greener on the other side. I am lucky, or unlucky, enough to work in a job where my dress code is not ruled by suits, pinstripes or uniforms. Wearing whatever you want to work sounds fun but it can be a daily struggle, sometimes I wish I could go back to my first job in high school where my work wardrobe consisted of shirts with the Woolworths logo stitched into the pocket. Honestly, most mornings I do love my wardrobe and the inspiration will jump out demanding that I wear them. But sometimes, I feel like I stand in front of my wardrobe hoping the perfect outfit will materialise before me. To no avail…

So to combat that morning struggle, I have created my fail safe outfit, the last resort outfit that always makes me feel polished and well presented. Taking inspiration from Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Anniston’s approach to minimalist style; my fail safe involves the classic white shirt, black slimline pants and a statement shoe.

Miranda Kerr - Working it like a pro!

Miranda Kerr – Working it like a pro!


Blake Lively – Work wear as day wear!

Clemence Poesy - Chic Staples

Clemence Poesy – Chic Staples

Although my fail safe outfit may feel quite corporate the great thing about it, is the ability to translate across whatever industry you work in. If you work in a creative based industry add embossed black pants or a floaty oversized shirt belted through the middle, if you work as in education, bright colourful accessories will add a bit of something extra and corporate career women can add a structured blazer and sleek low ponytail to complete the look.

The only bad thing about my outfit is, unfortunately I can really only wear my fail safe once per week… So for the remaining 4 days I guess am stuck with multiple outfit changes…

SS x